Adele Grunberg

Adele2For over thirty years, Adele has been instrumental in resolving conflict as a litigator, as a judge and as a mediator. She has found that the most satisfying and successful way of resolving conflict is through mediation.

Adele was a litigator for thirteen years and recently retired as an administrative law judge. She sat as a judge for twenty years hearing unemployment and disability disputes. She is now devoting herself full-time to mediating conflicts in the workplace, in the family and with neighbors.

Adele has a law degree, a master’s degree in psychology, and a certificate in conflict resolution. For fourteen years, she has been mediating between people in ongoing relationships who have difficulty communicating with each other. In addition to her solo mediation practice, Adele is affiliated with SEEDS Community Resolution Center, a non-profit organization that provides conflict resolution and mediation services to families, neighbors, and coworkers in Alameda County. She also mediated workplace disputes for the State Mediation and Conciliation Service with and for Paul Roose.

Recently, Adele and Paul co-mediated a workplace conflict under the new umbrella of Golden Gate Dispute Resolution. The dispute involved a group of coworkers in a public agency in Marin County.  There was a history of cooperation that was broken by an incident that revealed a lack of trust between subordinates and their supervisor. Over the course of two sessions, Paul and Adele facilitated a conversation between the parties that identified the problems and possible resolutions. Through the mediation process, the parties gained a better understanding of the situation and each other.

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