GGDR Associates

Golden Gate Dispute Resolution contracts with a select group of skilled and experienced neutrals to provide specialized services to labor-management parties. These professionals work under the umbrella of GGDR to provide mediation, training and facilitation. Sometimes, they function as part of a team. In other cases, they work alone to provide these services.  Please click on the provider’s link for more information.

Adele Grunberg

Adele began her affiliation with GGDR in the spring of 2013, when she co-mediated (with Paul Roose) a complex workplace dispute. Adele has years of experience resolving interpersonal disputes in the workplace. Her emphasis is on helping parties improve communication in order to solve problems and develop a better working relationship. She is available to mediate workplace-based disputes, either as part of a mediation team or as a solo mediator. Click here to read Adele’s bio.

Cathy Stevens

Cathy Stevens served as a  GGDR Associate from October 2013 through March 2015, conducting labor-management training and facilitation of labor-management processes. In March 2015, she took a position as a mediator with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in San Antonio, Texas.