Golden Gate Dispute Resolution (GGDR) helps management and labor resolve disputes in the unionized workplaceGGDR was founded by Paul Roose in June 2012. The mission of GGDR is to provide professional, neutral, and timely dispute resolution services to the labor-management community. Golden Gate Dispute Resolution is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and provides service throughout the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and beyond. Services include arbitration, mediation, fact finding, training, facilitation, and election / card check supervision.

Paul Roose, Arbitrator and Mediator

“Our challenge, therefore, is not to eliminate conflict but to transform it. It is to change the way we handle our most serious differences, replacing fighting, violence, and war with more constructive processes such as negotiation, democracy, and non-violent action. The task is to transform the culture of conflict from coercion to consent and from force to mutual interest. ”
– William L. Ury, from his book The Third Side: Why We Fight and How We Can Stop